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Business intelligence developer – what is his job and how can he be suitable in an international enterprise?

In contemporary's unpredictable and unstable reality, managers and supervisors, specially in large multinational organizations, face a major challenge - the urgency to make quick decisions in the situation of a gigantic increase in information that does not in all occasions appear to be readable.

business intelligence developer
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Author: David Howard

Under such circumstances, there is a huge peril of mistake, which could result in the risk of disaster for the entire organization.


This occurrence, occasionally named an information chaos, can be resolved by specially created analytical instruments that enable consumers to notice operations and information stream within the company and monitor key efficiency indicators. With correctly aggregated, well linked data sets, it is possible to establish indicators and trends that allow responsible people to make knowledgable business decisions.

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Backstage are the most up-to-date business intelligence programs, which are substancial to the functioning of any enterprise that pretends to be innovative. With this system closely cooperates the business intelligence developer, who has the qualification to find answers in complex data modules adopting specific analytical tools. In this occupation it is of huge importance to select appropriate presentation techniques tailored to the needs of the public. Business intelligence developer is a very profitable profession, for example in multinational holdings that frequently embrace or join with other entities.

Frequently, there is a problem of data disappearance and their diverse level of aggregation, so the main challenge for the BI industry is the consolidation of diverse sources of information and the unification of systems.